The single-phase system is a circuit composed only of an electric phase and a neutral phase, and must also contain a potentiating conductor called “earth”, these systems are used in large scale in lighting, small motors and household equipment 7.5 hp 213TC motors. The three-phase system is a three-phase circuit mixed by three alternating voltages, where the electric energy is transmitted through the composition of the three voltage signals that are out of phase. The transmission of electric energy is made through a system of transformers and electric conductors that are called transmission lines and that transmit the electric energy caused in the generating units to the consumers or loads.

Thanks to the work of the scholar Nikola Tesla and to the technological advance when the long-distance energy transmission system was propagated, the alternating system was used for the voltages and currents, and this allowed the transportation without significant losses to the point of making the process unfeasible. For the origin of alternating voltages and currents, we use synchronous or induction generators that in theory could provide any number of voltage signals and alternating currents equally lagged each other, which will depend on the construction of the generators. There are many advantages of the three-phase system over the single-phase system.

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