Magnetic field and magnetomotor force

The property that a source has to magnetize any medium is described by the intensity factor of magnetic field H. The use of electric currents, 7.5hp motors which circulate in coils adjusted in structures composed of magnetic materials, is formed in the main technique of obtaining intense magnetic fields.

The stator of a uniform air-gap induction machine housing a single-coil winding, the sides of which are offset from each other by π electric radians, is equivalent to the angle covered by the polymagnetic, having only one coil the winding is called concentrated winding and, because the sides of the coil are distant from a polar pitch, it is called the full pitch coil.

The relationship between the electric current and the corresponding magnetic field factor H around the conductor is given by the law of Ampere and it states that for a closed path C, the field circuitry is identical to the algebraic sum of the currents flowing across the defined surface by this route. The algebraic sum of the currents is the magnetomotive force fmm essential for creating the magnetic field H, and in cases where there is no electromagnetic radiation.

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